Improving the Quality of Students' Writing in Business

Improving the Quality of Students' Writing in Business

Logonliteracy's Catherine Black recently presented a session entitled, Improving the Quality of Students’ Writing in Business, at the Business Educators’ Association of Queensland (BEAQ) Conference.

More than one hundred delegates attended Catherine's session which may indicate that, regardless of curriculum changes, written communication remains essential for success in studies of business. Many students, however, struggle with the use of appropriate business texts, subject-specific language and conventions.

True to form, Catherine delivered a wide range of practical strategies for business teachers to use as they assist developing writers. She is fast becoming an expert in cross curricular practices and has presented tailor made workshops to teachers of Science, the Arts, the Humanities, English, Business, Technology and Health and Physical Education.

I’d like to recognise the enormous amount of work Catherine does to prepare subject specific resources, which she uses in her workshops. This is particularly time consuming because she so often presents outside her own subject areas (English and Ancient History).

Thanks Catherine – keep up the wonderful work you do for logonliteracy!