Summarising is a difficult skill but one that has, according to John Hattie, a high effect size (0.63). Other high impact literacy approaches associated with summarising also have similar high effect sizes (note-taking [0.59], organising and transforming notes [0.85], synthesising information across texts [0.63]). Therefore, the ability to summarise information is a worthwhile skill that has a significant impact on learning.
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Encouraging your students to speak, before they pick up a pen, is a great way to improve their writing. Here are two techniques that will save students time and frustration when they are writing.
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Having background and prior knowledge about a topic makes it easier for students to write about it. Getting your students to compile what they already know about a topic consolidates their learning and increases their depth of knowledge.

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We all know that reading is an essential skill, but many teachers struggle to fit it in with all the competing demands on their time.  Rather than see reading as an extra thing to make time for, we need to see it as part of how we teach content and skills.
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If you get to the end of each term and wonder where the previous 10 weeks went, you're not the only one! If you keep finding yourself making the resolution to be more organised next term, here are some areas you can focus on to help your students and make your life easier.
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It makes sense that if there is no prior knowledge, then there is nothing to activate. Students often study topics they know very little about (that is why, after all, that they attend school!) and therefore teachers must think of ways of providing the necessary background knowledge quickly and efficiently.
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