Using Rewordify to teach vocabulary

Using Rewordify to teach vocabulary

When I show teachers, they get very excited because it provides many ways in which vocabulary can be taught and learned.

This tool provides a range of activities to make the text more accessible but also assists with pre-teaching the vocabulary; building the meaning of the vocabulary during reading and provides a range of post reading strategies to deepen the meaning of vocabulary.

We cannot do too much work to assist students to develop their vocabulary. I suggest that you go to this site and spend some time exploring the options that are available.

Choose the option ‘Text with vocabulary’ and you will get a layout like that below. Ensure that students pronounce the words and you can read the definitions with them or they can read them through in pairs.


There are a few limitations with this tool:

  • It chooses the words it deems problematic
  • It does not lower the readability of the text
  • Sometimes the definitions are not specific to the context

To learn more about effective ways to teach vocabulary, contact logonliteracy. We can come to your school and provide relevant and engaging PD.

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