Why I wrote Helping children become better readers

Why I wrote Helping children become better readers

My new book, Helping children become better readers: For parents, caregivers, teachers and aides is for anyone who assists children as they learn to read. 

The idea for the book came to me many years ago when I was working in schools. At the time I was doing a lot of work with teacher aides and parents who were working with children learning to read. They would listen to the children read and prompt them. It became clear to me that some of the prompts being used weren't particularly helpful.

Helping children become better readers is packed with practical tips and guidelines. There are also 39 different reading behaviours and how to respond to them. 

The book then explores how you can respond to each of the reading behaviours, including some of the things you can say and do to support the reader.

I have then provided a short explanation of why a young reader will act this way and why you should respond the way I recommend. Finally, there is a summary at the end to wrap up everything you need to remember. 

The idea is that this book will turn learning to read into a pleasurable experience for everyone involved and allow children to become successful and independent readers. 





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