Graphic Organisers Pack

  • This pack of 36 graphic organisers offer students a range of planning templates to demonstrate higher order thinking skills, or cognitive verbs, in their writing. 

    Each graphic organiser features space for students to plan their writing, as well as prompt questions and sentence starters. They are designed to be printed out and given to students to plan their writing. 

    The graphic organisers complement Pat's Posters and help teachers explicitly teach cognitive verbs that will be used in the new Queensland senior syllabus.

    The Graphic Organisers Pack supports the explicit teaching of: 

    ▪️ analysing
    ▪️ generalising
    ▪️ arguing/persuading
    ▪️ inferring/interpreting
    ▪️ classifying
    ▪️ listing
    ▪️ comparing/contrasting
    ▪️ justifying
    ▪️ concluding/decision making
    ▪️ making recommendations
    ▪️ describing
    ▪️ sequencing
    ▪️ elaborating
    ▪️ solving problems
    ▪️ evaluating
    ▪️ summarising
    ▪️ explaining
    ▪️ synthesising

    Suitable for Years 7 - 12

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