Pat's posters to teach the skills (cognitive verbs) of writing - Secondary: Individual Licence

Pat's posters to teach the skills (cognitive verbs) of writing (set of 18) is the most comprehensive resource yet developed for teaching higher order thinking skills such as evaluating, analysing, synthesising, inferring, etc. 

The Posters link the skill, the questions to ask to guide the students as they develop the skill, graphic organisers and the language students should use to demonstrate the skill. 

They are designed to enable teachers to explicitly teach the cognitive verbs that will be used in the new senior syllabus.

The posters are available to teachers in electronic form. The licence is an individual licence, which means that individuals can print poster sets for use within their classroom. Individual Licences should be paid for by individual teachers, not schools. It is assumed that if a school pays for the licence then it is a school licence and the full amount should be paid.

The 18 posters support the explicit teaching of:

  • analysing
  • arguing/persuading
  • classifying
  • comparing/contrasting
  • concluding/decision making
  • describing
  • elaborating
  • evaluating
  • explaining
  • generalising
  • inferring/interpreting
  • listing
  • justifying
  • making recommendations
  • sequencing
  • solving problems
  • summarising
  • synthesising

To support the teaching of the CCEs the posters include:

  • STUDENT PROMPTS for understanding the CCE
  • KEY TASK WORDS and QUESTION STEMS for teachers to write questions that assess the CCE
  • GRAPHIC ORGANISERS that support the development of the CCE
  • SENTENCE STARTERS that enable students to frame their responses to demonstrate the CCE
  • CLEVER CONNECTIVES that allow students to connect ideas so that the CCE is mastered


Suitable for Years 7 - 12

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